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29 May


UnknownIf you don’t like this Government you didn’t vote for, then brace yourself for the possible next one. If you think that the Tories governing Scotland with the Liberals is bad, what about the Tories governing Scotland with UKIP?

There is a dramatic realignment of English politics going on just now and the outcome will be crucial to the next UK Government should Scotland opt to remain governed by Westminster. The current UK coalition is already three parties. There are the David Cameron loyalists (who are now in the minority), there are the already doomed Liberals and then there is the ‘continuity’ Conservative/UKIP faction. Only one of these three parties is on the ascendency.

In preparation for the next election, agendas are being shaped and possible alliances are being forged. Nadine Dorries is the first Conservative MP to say that she would stand on a joint Conservative/UKIP ticket and influential…

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